Smoke Odor Neutralizer

Smoke  smell affects the atmosphere of your home instantly, and is especially obvious and unpleasant to guests who don’t smoke. The stale smell of cigarette smoke is also a health hazard, especially to children, the elderly, and patients with allergies or asthma. If you are a renter, or a homeowner wanting to sell your home, it’s important to ensure this smell is gone completely.

ONE Smoke Odor Neutralizer is ideal for use in  designated non-smoking areas in hotels, office buildings, health care facilities, restaurants and cars ONE Smoke Odor Neutralizer is the product of choice for removing lingering tobacco smoke odors from porous surfaces such as draperies, carpets, clothing,  automobile headliners, etc.smoke odor neutralizer

Directions for use:


1. Apply ONE Odor Neutralizer  to primary odor sources such as ashtrays.

2. Apply ONE Odor Neutralizer to secondary odor sources such as air conditioner/heating vents,  and porous surfaces such as draperies, carpets,  and ceilings, car upholstery and headliners.

Opening windows to provide some ventilation will help to dilute the smell

ONE Odor Neutralizer has numerous benefits.

 car odor neutralizer Eco Friendly

Environmentally Friendly – It is non-toxic

Not Just A Cover Up – The most pressing benefit would be the complete eradication and not just posing as a cover up. our neutralizer is made in such a way that it never tries to mask any odor up. Instead, it decreases the overall odor intensity, so that there is no smell left behind.

Destroys Complex Odors – A complete odor neutralizer, it destroys complex odors such as smoke, stale food, pet odors, mildew, tobacco as well as medical marijuana in confined spaces.

Highly efficient – single product applications Subtractive Odor Control- eliminates the odor by neutralizing it

No masking agent or perfume -decreases overall odor intensity

Convenient and ready-to-use. No messy mixing required.

Comes  in an environmentally friendly non-aerosol pump bottle.

Useful – This unique mixture proves to be of great help for travelers while traveling, in order to use it on Tobacco Smoke in Hotel Rooms and Rental Cars, Boat and Camper Portable Toilets, even the musty smells in tents, along with sleeping bags and many other natural as well as other unnatural odors

                 One Odor Neutralizer removes burnt pop corn  other tobacco-related odors