Musty Smell

A musty smell in a home or vehicle   is a result of inadequate cleaning or poor air circulation, high humidity and possible moisture problems.

If you’ve ever noticed an odd  smell coming from old furniture, clothing or books, or in a poorly ventilated area such as the closet or attic  you have a problem with mold, mildew

ONE odor neutralizer eliminates the lingering scent of previous mold and mildew presence. With our  product, you will feel better and more confident about your car or home!

This non-aerosol spray is made of all natural products

Directions for use:


1. Apply ONE Odor Neutralizer  to primary odor sources

2. Apply ONE Odor Neutralizer to secondary odor sources such as air conditioner/heating vents,  and porous surfaces such as draperies, carpets. Repeat as needed. Do not over-spray to saturation.


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