Food Odors Eliminator

Food odors are  the smell of bacon lingering from breakfast time? ONE odor neutralizer will have your home smelling fresh again!

Peppers and onions are notorious for their smell after being cooked. ONE odor neutralizer eradicates those pungeFoul Food Odors Eliminatornt odors with ease!

Does last night’s dinner still smell despite the dishes being cleaned? ONE odor neutralizer wipes out the smell left behind from cooked foods!

That midnight snack that you forgot all about in the car    but now it turn into a bad odor try ONE odor neutralize.

the lingering odor that the spice leaves is not a pleasant one  . As the spice cooks, it releases oil that clings to surfaces, resulting in an smell that takes a long time to dissipate. However, there are some ways to remove the spices odors  without giving up the spice.

Destroys Complex Food Odors – A complete  odor eliminator, it destroys odors such as  stale food,Cooking odors from fish, onion, garlic, burnt foods and fried foods  in confined spaces.

This non-aerosol spray is made of all natural products

Directions for use:


1. Apply ONE Odor Neutralizer  to primary odor sources such as near the kitchen

2. Apply ONE Odor Neutralizer to secondary odor sources such as air conditioner/heating vents,  and porous surfaces such as draperies, carpets. Repeat as needed. Do not over-spray to saturation.

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 One Odor Neutralizer removes Curry odor , Fish , burnt foods and other food related odors