Cigarette Smoke Neutralizer

Just had a quick smoke, but company is coming over unexpectedly? ONE odor neutralizer takes care of pesky smells that come from tobacco and marijuana!

Cigar and cigarette smoke odors are strong and unmistakable. When you walk into someone’s home, ride in someone’s car, or enter a hotel/motel  room, you know right away that a smoker has been there.  fortunately, ONE  odor neutralizer  removes cigarette, cigar, and other tobacco-related odors.

Tired of cigarette smoke getting in every crack and crevice of your place? ONE Odor Neutralizer is the perfect solution to keeping your place smelling fresh and avoiding any lingering cigarette smoke smells.

Smoke  smell affects the atmosphere of your home instantly, and is especially obvious and unpleasant to guests who don’t smoke. The stale smell of cigarette smoke is also a health hazard, especially to children, the elderly, and patients with allergies or asthma. If you are a renter, or a homeowner wanting to sell your home, it’s important to ensure this smell is gone completely


ONE odor neutralizer gets rid of the smells that cigarettes, pipes , cigars, and marijuana smoke create.

Smoking indoors can cause nasty smells to form throughout your home. ONE odor neutralizer gets rid of the smell at the source.

ONE Odor Neutralizer is ideal for use in  designated non-smoking areas in hotels, office buildings, health care facilities, restaurants and cars any other area where offensive odors exist.

ONE Odor Neutralizer is the product of choice for removing lingering tobacco smoke odors from porous surfaces such as draperies, carpets, clothing,  automobile headliners, etc.

This non-aerosol spray is made of all natural products

our cigarette Smoke Neutralizer comes in a 3oz bottle

Remove unwanted smells with ONE Odor Neutralizer, the ultimate smoke odor removal solution. Eliminate tobacco, cigarette smoke and marijuana odors Cigarette Smoke Neutralizer

Directions for use:

 1. Apply ONE Odor Neutralizer  to primary odor sources such as ashtrays.

2. Apply ONE Odor Neutralizer to secondary odor sources such as air conditioner/heating vents,  and porous surfaces such as draperies, carpets, clothing,  automobile headliners,  car upholstery .Repeat as needed. Do not over-spray to saturation.



Cigarette smoke can impregnate the carpets, car seats, the ventilation system, the headliner , seat belts, etc. This is why you need to spray ONE Odor Neutralizer  onto all surfaces.

ONE Odor Neutralizer contains an odor neutralizing technology that really works. It is effective, simple to use and acts upon application.

How to Neutralize Smoke Odors in a Vehicle?

Follow the steps described below.

  1. Spray ONE Odor Neutralizer onto any affected areas, such as car seats, upholstery and seat belts. Do not dilute. Leave on the fabrics and upholstery.
  2. Then spray ONE Odor Neutralizer into the air conditioning intake vents to get rid of the cigarette smoke smell  coming from vents  wait 10min .
  3. Run the heating system for several minutes to allow the product to properly penetrate into the ventilation system materials such as the plastic.

Repeat these steps as required.

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     One Odor Neutralizer removes cigarette, cigar , pipe , Medical Marijuana  and other tobacco-related odors