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ONE Odor Neutralizer Removes Smoke Odor- Pet Odor- Food Odor- Organic smell removal , Great to get rid of bad smells in your home , car , boat or RV or wherever there are odors.

Well, no one can ever get rid of various types of odors in day-to-day life. There has been even more different types of odor removers and neutralizers in the market, but not all of them consists of all of the qualities required and not everyone of them are relatively effective. But, only one exception exists, and that is ONE Odor Neutralizer. ONE Odor Neutralizer is a naturalistic odor remover and is widely used to remove smoke odor, pet odor, food odor, and all of the other bad smells prevailing in your home, car, boats, RV or wherever and whenever there is emergence of odors.

ONE Odor Neutralizer:

is made with only  all-natural plant extracts and a blend of essential oils . Essential oils are used to enhance flavor, therapies, fragrances, and even solvents.  There are a few that will neutralize odor, and this happens at the molecular level.

ONE Odor Neutralizer

is not a masking product . Its was  scientifically developed for odor control  to efficiently reduce or eliminate the bad odor by altering and neutralizing the compounds’ odors components converting them to molecules that are completely non-odorous and non-toxic. The human nose no longer detects the odor  if the source of the odor is  cleaned (eliminated.)  This reaction is
irreversible and the odor  does not return. which helps the human nose to smell fresh air, which is odor-free.  the odor is permanently eliminated and it does not return.

ONE Odor Neutralizer

is a uniquely made solution with no perfumes or cover ups. It eliminates unpleasant odors from the air, neutralizing, or even better, almost wiping all those out, those which are caused by smoke, mold, mildew, smelly shoes and pets, among others. It can specially be used in homes, basements, locker rooms, cars, boats, lounges, among other places, that might be simple, plain or bizarre. It is also designated to smoking areas in office, airports and bus depots, or any other space that needs odor control. To be precise, the locations where you can use this amazing neutralizer would be  indoors. So, all these places include homes, cars,  airplanes, public restrooms, hotels, lodges, and all other places which have even the slightest possibility of emitting odor.




ONE Odor Neutralizer has numerous benefits.

 Eco Friendly ONE odor neutralizer

Environmentally Friendly – It is non-toxic

Not Just A Cover Up – The most pressing benefit would be the complete eradication and not just posing as a cover up. our neutralizer is made in such a way that it never tries to mask any odor up. Instead, it decreases the overall odor intensity, so that there is no smell left behind.

Destroys Complex Odors – A complete odor neutralizer, it destroys complex odors such as smoke, stale food, pet odors, mildew, tobacco as well as medical marijuana in confined spaces.

Highly efficient – single product applications Subtractive Odor Control- eliminates the odor by neutralizing it

No masking agent or perfume -decreases overall odor intensity

Convenient and ready-to-use. No messy mixing required.

Comes  in an environmentally friendly non-aerosol pump bottle.

Useful – This unique mixture proves to be of great help for travelers while traveling, in order to use it on Tobacco Smoke in Hotel Rooms and Rental Cars, Boat and Camper Portable Toilets, even the musty smells in tents, along with sleeping bags and many other natural as well as other unnatural odors

Be ready . Keep a bottle of our 3oz ONE odor neutralizer in your vehicles glove box , purse, gym bag, locker or anywhere you might need to eliminate  bad odors



one odor neutralizer one odor neutralizer 2pk

one odor neutralizer 3pk

odor neutralizer

3 oz.  spray



odor neutralizer

3 oz.2 pack spray


odor neutralizer

3 oz. 3 pack  spray


Best Odor Neutralizer and Smell Removing Product for  use in your home, kitchen, restroom, office, car , RV and long-haul rigs ! Spray into the air or any circulating vent in your home or office and you will notice an  improvement



ONE Odor Neutralizer - A simple solution to all these odors
Tobacco Smoke Odor – Smoke Odor Remover – Cigarette Smoke Odor Mildew Odor Eliminator – Garbage Odor Remover – Medical Marijuana Odor Remove Skunk Odor Remover – Trash Odor Eliminator – Pet Odor Spray – Car Odor Remover – Gym / Athletic Odor – Cooking Odor Eliminator





 A few more suggested uses for ONE Odor Neutralizer

 Garbage Cans~Shoes~Skates~Gym Bag~ Tents~Backpacks~Wet Suits~Sleeping Bags~Pet Blankets ~Pet Bedding and much more!



Odor Neutralizer



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